The Hubble & Hattie imprint was launched in 2009 and is named in memory of two very special and much-loved Westies owned by Veloce proprietors, Rod Grainger and Jude Brooks. Since our first book (see below), many more have been added to the list, all with the same underlying objective: to be of real benefit to the species they cover, at the same time promoting compassion, understanding and co-operation between all animals (including human ones!)

Hubble & Hattie is the home of a range of books that cover all-things animal – be these dogs, cats, horses, rabbits or elephants – produced to the same high quality of content and presentation as our motoring books, and offering the same great value for money.

Our first book under the new imprint was Winston ... the dog who changed my life, the touching story of how the author rather unexpectedly becomes a dog owner when his wife returns home with a puppy that she found abandoned and tied to a cemetery headstone. Winston quickly takes over the life and home of his new owner – introducing him to a completely new world in the process! Described as "An enchanting story ...” by Graham Bell of The Daily Express.

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