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Listen to Chantal Bourgonje read Fierce Grey Mouse

Listen to author and illustrator Chantal Bourgonje read her book Fierce Grey Mouse. Chantal has created this wonderful video of herself reading aloud her book for you and your children to enjoy during lockdown, and beyond!

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Free will training: a dynamic way of teaching that takes modern dog training into the future Follow Wolfie from puppy into adulthood, and the introduction of a second puppy, called Remy. A detailed account of how to use Free Will Teaching™ as a way of life, to teach and guide every dog. Language, cognitive ability, and emotional awareness are key aspects of FWT, resulting in fantastic achievements

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This book is a love story between people and their dogs, showcasing the special bond and relationship that is not only a privilege but a blessing. Stephanie’s retelling of the stories, together with her lovingly-made felt models, demonstrate her respect for this unique relationship.

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A story about a little house that has nowhere to live, who sets off on an long and daring journey to find his dream home and a place in the world for himself and Little Bear. Come along on this fun-packed adventure to find out if the Little house (and Little Bear) find their very own home!

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The desire for human connection is a fundamental need. For some, however, the closest they come to this connection begins with a dog. This is the story of six abandoned dogs, who ended up living together and inspiring the development of the unique K9 Project.

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The moving and powerful story of Lily: a dog who was born unable to survive unaided. But her owner’s intensive, creative management of her rare disability has given her a life worth living, and may inspire others not to give up on animals with other life-threatening conditions. As a therapy dog, Lily greatly enriches the lives of others.

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The inspirational story of Calgacus, a dog-to-dog aggressive Bull Mastiff, and a first-time dog owner. Learning how to understand Calgacus and encouraging him to direct his own learning alongside clicker training, TTouch, trick training, and lots of fun, allowed him to conquer his issues, and find joy in playing with other dogs.

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When Tracey and Paul adopted Scout, they promised him safety and security, and a life free from fear and loneliness; all the things denied him during his first few months of life. Discover how Scout’s carers learned to build on the unconditional trust and devotion that this clumsy, flat-footed, loveable Lurcher offered.

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Catherine Pickles and her Lurcher, Worzel, take you on a journey, where you will gain an understanding of how dogs think and feel, so that all children can have a wonderful relationship with the dogs in their lives, and all dogs can feel happy, safe, and loved.

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When Kac Young adopted a rescue dog called Talulah, she consulted behaviourist Lisa Tenzin-Dolma on all things dog-related. Lisa’s observations and guidance make an entertaining and informative book that will appeal to both new and seasoned dog guardians.

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How rescue animals can become therapy animals, by employing patience, understanding, compassion and love.

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The true story of a bond that developed between author Lisa Tensin-Dolma, and Charlie – a traumatised, one-eyed, Romanian dog who lived the first 18 months of his life in the wild, never socialising with humans.

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Worzel has reached that time in every dog's life when their owners wonder if the work, patience and dedication spent in the early days was pointless …

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Forty-two incomparable images of four- and two-legged individuals showcase the different dynamics of each relationship.


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