Gods, ghosts and black dogs

The fascinating folklore and mythology of dogs

People tell stories about what they love, including dogs, and this book is a collection of such stories. Some are spooky, some funny, and some engage the mind in the same manner as a detective story. Starting with a look at the origins of folktales involving dogs, you’ll find facts, history and humour aplenty from all around the world.
  • Does God have a dog? What about the devil?
  • Great heroes, like Odysseus and King Arthur, had great dogs
  • How are dogs associated with the Angel of Death?
  • Learn about the smartest dog in history
  • Demon dogs are black in England and white in Japan
  • How did a dog myth change modern psychotherapy?
  • Why do dogs chase cats?
  • Why do Dalmatians have spots? Why doesn't the Basenji bark?
  • Do we eat and drink because of dogs?
  • Are there dogs in heaven? Is there a canine saint?

Stanley Coren reads from his new book…



A rich collection of folklore, mythology, and tall tales concerning dogs, which provide a fascinating insight into the way in which humans think about dogs, and our emotional bond to our pets. The various stories include some that are spooky, some that are funny – and some that engage the same part of the mind that we use when reading detective stories, trying to figure out what is going to happen next, or solve a puzzle.

The stories come from all over the world, and from many different time periods. In these captivating tales you can meet historical figures such as George Washington and Davy Crockett, and mythical beings such as Paul Bunyan, the god Zeus, and the hero Odysseus, and find out how dogs make up part of their stories. Discover how the Dalmatian got his spots, and why Basenjis don't bark. Learn whether there are dogs in heaven, and if the devil might have a dog.

Facts, history, humour and mysteries blend together in this engaging collection of dog stories.

Book specification     

Book specification

SKU HH4860
Format Paperback • 22x17cm • 399 pages • 40 b&w pictures
ISBN 978-1-845848-60-6
UPC 6-36847-04860-0
Published March 2016

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