The terrier who sailed around the world

Life on the high seas – with a Jack Russell!

Robert arrives in Colombia with a surprise for his wife Rosemary: Tara, a Jack Russell puppy. Joining this adventurous couple on their yacht cruising around the world, their exciting adventures on land and sea incude tales of tsunamis, modern-day pirates, corrupt customs officials, many new friends – and near disaster off the Australian coast!
  • The unusual adventures of a dog at sea
  • For Jack Russell terrier fans everywhere
  • Not just for animal lovers, but for anyone interested in travel
  • Sailing and its challenges
  • Crammed full of laugh-out-loud stories – on board and ashore
  • What to do when miles from medical help
  • Strategies for coping with corrupt officials and modern-day pirates
  • Colourful tales about fellow sailors encountered in every port
  • How to survive by eating only what is caught
  • The miracle of finding a dog washed overboard at sea – not once, but twice

Life on the high seas – with a Jack Russell!



“Tara, the terrier who sailed around the world” is the exciting and touching story of a Jack Russell who had at least nine lives – and many more adventures – with her owners, Rosemary and Robert Forrester, as they sailed around the world on a yacht.

The story begins when Robert flies from Columbia to Florida to buy some essential boat parts, and returns with a six-week-old puppy. Rosemary is both delighted and anxious: how will a dog as lively as a Jack Russell adapt to living at sea? This tiny dog has to learn how to keep her balance on a boat which is tilting sideways one minute, then crashing down on a wave the next; how to find a way to play ball without being washed into the ocean; how to learn to eat fish instead of meat; how to swim in the sea and get back on the boat; how to see-off all potential intruders, including marauding seagulls and customs officials.

Above all, Tara has to learn how to survive when she is washed overboard – not once, but twice. Rosemary recounts their incredible adventures as they sail from the Panama Canal to Australia, and on to Malaysia and Thailand, where they survive the Boxing Day Tsunami. Finally, their journey takes them through the Indian Ocean to Mozambique, where Tara ends her days.

For animal lovers everywhere – especially those who like travel and sailing boats – this is an emotional and uniquely entertaining tale.

Book specification     

Book specification

SKU HH4880
Format Paperback • 225 x 152mm • 224 pages • 60 pictures
ISBN 978-1-845848-80-4
UPC 6-36847-04880-8
Published July 2016

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