The supposedly enlightened person’s guide
to raising a dog

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Think you know how it’s done?

When Kac Young adopted a rescue dog called Talulah, she consulted behaviourist Lisa Tenzin-Dolma on all things dog-related. Lisa’s observations and guidance make an entertaining and informative book that will appeal to both new and seasoned dog guardians.
  • A first-time adopter learns how to raise a rescue dog
  • Lisa’s behaviour guidance follows Kac’s entertaining stories
  • Introducing and adopting a second dog
  • Useful information on dog behaviour
  • Guidance on basic dog training
  • Guidance on helping your dog overcome fear and other issues
  • What to look for when choosing a boarding facility
  • What to look for when choosing a groomer
  • Dogs and cats can live together harmoniously
  • In sickness and in health. Helping your dog through troubled times



Kac Young never imagined that, after a lifetime as a ‘cat person,’ she would fall in love with, and adopt, a tiny rescue dog called Talulah.

Kac loved other people’s dogs, but “I never had time, and they smell funny, lick off your makeup, and pee on your new shoes.” All that changed when she met Talulah, and just had to take her back to her home in the Californian forest, that she shared with her partner and six cats.
Soon after Talulah took up residence, Truffle was also adopted by Kac, and this book is the fascinating story of Kac’s progression from slightly shell-shocked beginner to savvy, adoring dog guardian.

Right from the start, Kac consulted behaviourist Lisa Tenzin-Dolma on all things dog-related, and Lisa’s observations and wise guidance on a wide range of subjects follow Kac’s accounts, providing vital insight about the best way to go about building a loving, trusting relationship between you and your dog.

Entertaining and informative, this book will appeal to new and seasoned dog guardians alike.

Book specification     

Book specification

SKU HH5059
Format Hardback • 22x17cm • 80 pictures
ISBN 978-1-787110-59-5
UPC 6-36847-01059-1
Published AUGUST 2017

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