Canine aggression

Rehabilitating an aggressive dog with kindness and compassion

Canine aggression Rehabilitating an aggressive dog with kindness and compassion
Compassion and understanding results in a gentle giant!

The inspirational story of Calgacus, a dog-to-dog aggressive Bull Mastiff, and a first-time dog owner. Learning how to understand Calgacus and encouraging him to direct his own learning alongside clicker training, TTouch, trick training, and lots of fun, allowed him to conquer his issues, and find joy in playing with other dogs.
  • The story of rehabilitating an aggressive dog using a compassionate approach
  • How Calgacus the Bull Mastiff learned to be playful and kind to other dogs
  • How a first-time dog owner rehabilitated a dog-to-dog aggressive Bull Mastiff
  • Learning about dogs opens up a new world of friends and interests for Calgacus’ owner
  • Allowing dogs to direct their own learning makes progress easier
  • Why obedience can be dangerous, and why disobedience can be useful!
  • Draws from behavioural science, human psychology, and student-led learning practice
  • Tellington TTouch played a crucial role in helping Calgacus
  • Deals with the difficulty and stress of regaining lost trust
  • Dogs are complex; helping them requires thought and creativity



Caring for a dog who lunges, barks at and even bites other dogs is incredibly difficult. This book follows the inspiring story of a Bull Mastiff called Calgacus, and his carer, first-time dog owner Tracey McLennan. For Tracey, the arrival of Calgacus in her life was a lifelong dream come true ... but a dream that became a nightmare when Calgacus attacked and badly injured another dog, and showed every sign of doing the same to any other dog he came into contact with.

Help came from many amazing people, and enabled Tracey to understand Calgacus, and how to encourage him to direct the pace and direction of his rehabilitation. TTouch, clicker training, walks with other dogs, and trick training, all played their part in allowing Calgacus to discover joy in knowing his own kind, until he became a dog who loved to be with other dogs. He would play with those who liked to play; be gentle with nervous dogs, and would calm tense situations, encouraging other dogs to be kind to each other.

Book specification     

Book specification

SKU HH5079
Format Paperback • 15.2x22.5cm • 160 pages
ISBN 978-1-787110-79-3
UPC 6-36847-01079-9
Published MAY 2018

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