All in the family

Fur, hair and feathers, living together

Exploring the many benefits of living with an assortment of animals, this book discusses compatibility, how to live in harmony, advice on problem, situations, and features interviews with real-life multi-animal families.



  • A fun car-themed bedtime book for younger readers
  • A story of friendship, sportsmanship and forgiveness
  • Story by Street Machine journalist Dave Smith
  • Original, beautiful illustrations by Colin Hardy
  • Enjoy spotting the details in the superb cartoons
  • A fun but cautionary tale, considering road safety and the rules of the road
  • Perfect for junior petrolheads!
  • Contains a glossary of racing terminology for beginners
All in the Family – Fur, hair and feathers, living together takes an in depth look at owning two or more pets. This insightful book is aimed at both current owners and potential pet owners who would like to share their home with an animal companion, but can’t make-up their mind what kind – or if two or more animals might be a better solution.

Through studies and lots of real life examples, the author hopes to convince pet lovers that two’s company – and even three is definitely not a crowd. The book explores why more than one pet is a great idea for all concerned – for both owners and pets. It is also highlights how pets could benefit from the presence of other animals in the household, and in some cases be given a completely new lease of life.

Although many might feel two dogs or cats are plenty, it could be that more are even merrier. Expert advice is given on making the right choices to avoid a combination that clearly won’t work, perhaps due to the breed of dog or cat; the owner’s location or residence; a current lifestyle situation, or the incompatibility or some combinations for numerous reasons.
Combinations of dogs and cats, as well as other animals are discussed, with clear evidence that pets such as rabbits, pigs and hedgehogs, among others, can all live happily in a mixed environment.

Featuring interviews with multi-animal families, who relate their personal experiences in their real life, mixed menageries, the book is illustrated through dynamic photographs of multiple pets at play, eating, sleeping and interacting with each other, their owners and families, showing what fun, joy, laughter and love more than one pet can bring to a home.



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