The Complete Book of Cat and Dog Health

The Complete Book of Cat and Dog Health – 
A complete and comprehensive guide to 21st century health care for cats and dogs

A comprehensive text that is highly relevant (even indispensable) to every dog and cat carer. Bursting with up-to-date information on all important areas of animal health, the information in this book will help maintain good health, or offer help during an illness.



  • Veterinary surgeon Lise Hansen brings animal healthcare into the 21st century
  • Current advice on four essential areas of health care: diet, vaccination, parasite control and neutering
  • Does your pet need regular vaccine boosters?
  • What is the best diet for your cat or dog?
  • Are allergies curable in animals?
  • Full of practical advice on how you can best support your animal – in sickness and in health
  • The one book that no dog or cat lover should be without!
  • The complete guide to healthcare for your cat and dog



Written by a qualified veterinarian, this is a complete and comprehensive guide to health care for cats and dogs, providing invaluable advice on essential aspects of care, such as diet and vaccinations, as well as a guide to holistic treatments.

The first part of the book describes the main lifestyle choices every dog and cat owner makes, whether or not they are aware of them: settling in a new puppy or kitten, vaccination, neutering, diet, finding the right veterinarian, and caring for the ageing animal.
The second part describes the main holistic modalities and their relevance when animals become sick. What they are, how they work, when they are useful, and how to find a practitioner. Also includes chapters on osteopathy, homeopathy, acupuncture, Bach's flower remedies, and herbal medicine.

The third part of the book discusses a range of common health problems in dogs and cats, both from a conventional veterinary point of view and from an holistic perspective, and aims to help the owner understand the condition they are facing, as well as providing tips on how to supplement their veterinarian's advice and treatment.

Book specification     

Book specification

SKU HH5415
Format Paperback • 24x20cm • 232 pages • 50 pictures
ISBN 978-1-787114-15-9
UPC 6-36847-01415-5
Published Due July 2019



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