A brutally honest visual journey through breakdown and recovery – it's uplifting and beautiful in its simplicity.

Chris Packham

Wildlife photography

Saving my life one frame at a time

Powerful words from the heart and striking wildlife images – photography for total wellbeing

Long overdue, this is a unique book about wildlife photography and the power it has to improve physical and mental wellbeing. Paul Williams has used photography to help deal with his PTSD and the physical reminders of careers as a soldier, physical training instructor, and police officer, and here provides practical help, tips, and insights into the life of a working professional photographer.
  • A unique glimpse into the life of a professional wildlife photographer
  • Insights from a soldier, mental health specialist, police officer and professional wildlife photographer
  • Stunning wildlife images taken on the road to recovery from PTSD
  • Never quit. Inspiring stories and wildlife photographs from a trauma survivor
  • A guide on how to capture the best wildlife images
  • Inspiration for absolutely anyone interested in wildlife photography
  • Photographing wildlife – professional hints and tips for your photographic journey
  • Secrets to successful wildlife photography
  • A road well travelled: Paul Williams’ journey from despair to award winning professional wildlife photographer
  • The big book of patience: how to become a successful wildlife photographer

BBC Wildlife Photography Awards 2023

Paul has just been awarded first place in the BBC Wildlife magazine's Wildlife Photography Awards 2023 Plants and Fungi category, with his stunning macro photo of a pollen-covered honey bee on a sunflower, taken in Powys, Wales.
Wildlife photography: saving my life one frame at a time is designed to appeal to a wide range of individuals, from beginners with very little photographic experience, through to those further along on their photographic journey. Paul covers every aspect, from the type of equipment you'll need, to clothing, fieldcraft, and techniques, and seamlessly aligns photography with creative suggestions around mindfulness, wellbeing and holism, to create a blueprint for anyone experiencing poor mental or physical health, and who would like to express themselves creatively in the natural world.

Whether you want to go into your garden to photograph the wildlife there, or head further afield, Wildlife photography: saving my life one frame at a time will empower you to take the next step towards regaining your sense of wellbeing and improve the quality of your life.
  • Wildlife Photography by Paul Williams – fighting Sparrowhawks
  • Wildlife Photography by Paul Williams – Heron
  • Wildlife Photography by Paul Williams – Hoverfly macro
  • Wildlife Photography by Paul Williams – Kingfisher
  • Murmuration
69 Best Wildlife Photography Books of All Time
As featured on CNN, Forbes and INC
Wildlife photography: saving my life one frame at a time is a winner in the 69 Best Wildlife Photography Books of All Time category by BookAuthority
See Paul on BBC WinterWatch!
Paul Williams featured in BBC's WinterWatch Series 11 Episode 2. Watch Paul tell of his journey from rock bottom to recovery, and follow him on a photographic journey in the wilds of Scotland.

Click here to watch on BBC iPlayer
Great British Photography Challenge
Paul Williams appeard as a contestant in BBC Four's four-part masterclass series Great British Photography Challenge. Featuring world-famous portrait artist and fashion icon Rankin, plus celebrity guests and leading art and fashion creatives, the series saw six contestants undertake themed challenges that took them around the UK, with their journeys monitored as they demonstrate their flair and creative vision.

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SKU HH5416
Format Hardback • 26x26cm • 224 pages • 200+ original colour photographs
ISBN 978-1-787114-16-6
UPC 6-36847-01416-2
Published Published August 2019



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