The Little House that didn’t have a home

The Little House that didn
Where will Little House find a home?

A story about a little house that has nowhere to live, who sets off on an long and daring journey to find his dream home and a place in the world for himself and Little Bear. Come along on this fun-packed adventure to find out if the Little house (and Little Bear) find their very own home!


$10.99 USA
$14.99 CAN

  • A little house goes on an epic journey to find his forever home
  • Will this poor little lost house ever find a home?
  • Lost and alone – where will he go?
  • An adventure story about finding a place to belong
  • A clever, funny, rhyming story for children
  • Beautiful, well-observed illustrations
  • If you like a story with a happy ending, this book is right up your street



The main character in this illustrated book is a cheeky and plucky little house that doesn't have a place to live. So he packs his bag and he and Little Bear set off into the big wide world to find themselves their 'forever home.' Along the way they encounter lots of interesting characters, some nice, some sad, some not so nice, and some very rude characters indeed!

However, the Little House is no quitter, he never gives up. And just when we think that he and Little Bear will remain forever homeless, something surprising turns up. The story of the Little House is told in clever, engaging and amusing rhyme.

The illustrations are beautifully detailed and well observed, and include caricatures of high-rise flats, country mansions, floaty boats, and a very busy, whizzy caravan. If you love a good adventure, if you love funny pictures, if you delight in clever storytelling, you will love The Little House that didn't have a home. And if you love a happy ending, the fun starts here!

Book specification     

Book specification

SKU HK5307
Format Hardback • 20.5x20.5cm • £7.99 • 36 pages
ISBN 978-1-787113-07-7
UPC 6-36847-01307-3
Published August 2018

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