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Alice the Aspiesaurus

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Sometimes even dinosaurs find it difficult to fit in – Alice discovers where her place in the world is!

A heart-warming picture book about a young autistic dinosaur called Alice. Alice has always struggled to fit in with the other dinosaurs, but with the help of her new friend, Alvin, she finally discovers her place – and realises that being different is good!
  • Based on the author’s experience of having autism
  • Gives children a positive message about autism
  • Challenges conventional stereotypes
  • A relevant message for children everywhere that differences are good
  • The dinosaur characters and colourful illustrations will appeal to all children
  • Vivid colour images, all hand-drawn by the author for the book
  • Image creation based on the latest dinosaur research, including which species had feathers and what their habitat looked like
  • ALL kids love dinosaurs – and this book has lots of them!



The story of Alice the Aspiesaurus draws on the author’s personal experiences to give children a positive message about autism. An autistic dinosaur called Alice is finding it hard to make friends at her school, and we learn about some of the difficulties that Alice has, such as finding busy places scary, but also about some of the positives of having autism, like having a good memory.

Along the way, Alice meets an older Aspiesaurus called Alvin, who helps her to see her differences as a good thing. Alice then has the confidence to befriend the other dinosaurs and use her amazing brain to help them.

This book will appeal to all children with its relevant message, easy to read story, and fun, colourful illustrations of dinosaurs. Children who have autism themselves can greatly benefit from this book, which explains why they may feel different, and reassures them that differences are a good thing.

Book specification     

Book specification

SKU HK5719
Format Paperback • 18x23cm • 32 pages • 25 colour pictures
ISBN 978-1-787117-19-8
UPC 6-36847-01719-4
Published SEPTEMBER 2020

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