The Sock Pixies

The Sock Pixies

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Watch out! The Sock Pixies are about ...

Ever wondered where one sock from a pair goes when it mysteriously disappears? Once there were two … now only one! The mystery is revealed in this book as we learn about some very unusual little creatures – The Sock Pixies ...
  • Where do all those single missing socks go? This story explains all!
  • A quirky tale of fun-loving, kindly Sock Pixies
  • A fun and engaging story for young children
  • Told in rhyming couplets, this capitivating story can be read alone or together


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Once there were two … now only one! The mystery is revealed in this book as we learn about some very unusual little creatures – The Sock Pixies ...

Meet Pogo, Plum, Boldor, Seph and Raisin as they embark on a perilous journey through the gloom of your bedroom on a mission to collect socks to knit into nets with which to catch dreams, good and bad!

But what do the Sock Pixies do with the dreams they catch? Well, believe it or not they EAT UP all of the bad dreams they find, washing them down with a good guzzle of beer! And the nice dreams? These they very, very gently poke into your ear while you sleep so that you can enjoy them!
  • Pogo is the smallest of the boy Pixies: kind, caring and an intrepid explorer, Pogo darts here and there, fast as lightning.
  • Plum is the tallest of the Sock Pixies and the oldest. He has a very sensitive nose and is often seen sporting a peg on his hooter as he rummages for socks. Plum has a very healthy appetite for bad dreams and beer, and has developed a large rosy nose because of this. Timid and shy, Plum leaves the exploring to Pogo.
  • Boldor is the largest of all of the Sock Pixies because he eats most of the bad dreams and drinks GALLONS of beer! He is often found cooking and brewing weird and wonderful concoctions.
  • Seph is the fiercest of all the Sock Pixies. As Chief Mouse Wrangler, Seph has trained many of the mice from babies, and is a wonderful craftsman, making the finest nets and clothing that any Sock Pixie could wish for.
  • Raisin is the youngest of the Sock Pixies, but she certainly isn’t afraid of anything! Brave and fearless, petite and fiery, Raisin is one Sock Pixie who is determined to find capture as many dreams as possible and help the children of the world to sleep sound and happy.

Join the Sock Pixies on their night-time adventures and discover where all your missing socks go!
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Format Paperback • 20x23cm • 32 pages • Illustrated throughout
ISBN 978-1-787117-79-2
UPC 6-36847-01779-8
Published DUE AUGUST



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